JAL Therapeutics has developed a unique, disease modifying, small molecule platform that could be used as a potential approach for treating Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic conditions.


Exploring New
Treatments for
Neurodegenerative and Other Chronic Diseases

JAL Therapeutics has developed a patented, small molecule drug platform of highly selective butyrylcholinesterase inhibitors. Our lead candidate, JAL-001 (formerly DB2ClPP), demonstrates a potent 68,000-fold selectivity over acetylcholinesterase and is designed to restore acetylcholine to normal levels without side effects. ​ 

JAL’s unique approach centers on a mechanism of action that’s designed to activate the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway and treat both the symptoms of AD, as well as prevent the neurotoxic cascading pathogenesis of the disease. Our platform may modify the effects of chronic and genetic risk factors that mediate the onset of AD. Two successful rounds of animal testing have validated JAL-001 as having high potential as a treatment for AD and other chronic diseases.​

JAL Therapeutics is a preclinical stage life sciences company, focused on drug development for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic conditions.

Our drug platform is currently nearing preclinical phase completion of animal testing and analysis.

The company has developed a unique, patented, disease-modifying, small molecule drug platform for the treatment and prevention of AD, dementia and other chronic diseases.

JAL is currently exploring licensing opportunities for our unique drug platform. Contact us for partnering or business development inquiries.

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